What’s On

There are lots of classes and groups that meet in the Hall.  Come along and join in!!       

If you would like to book the hall for a regular class or have any ideas for one – please get in touch.          


  • YOGA CLASS (morning) – a group lead by Joy that welcomes any age/either gender to the morning class. Start the week as you mean to continue


  • KNIT & KNATTER (afternoon) – a meeting for ladies who wish to do some craft work, finish a jigsaw or just have a chat over a cuppa!
  • SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING (evening) – In Scottish country dancing lots of different dances that are in sets of three, four or five couples or in squares of four couples are practised. It is still great fun and helps to keep the mind fit along with the body because of all the different formations and floor patterns. Jigs, reels and the slower strathspeys are taught. This is a really thriving group, easily the largest in Berwickshire if not the Borders, with nearly as many men as ladies ! See rscds.org for more information.



  • COMMUNITY COUNCIL (evening) – Hutton, Fishwick and Paxton Community Council hold their meetings in the Hall every second month alternating with Hutton Village Hall.


  • LINE DANCING (afternoon) The Line Dancers have lots of fun practising traditional western American-style dance on Friday afternoon.



  • GATEWAYS – Gateways, which began in 2011, is a rural Community Church developed within the parish of Hutton, Fishwick and Paxton and serving the surrounding Scottish Borders and North Northumberland area. The group meet regularly in the Hall. For dates check their website


or their facebook page.


The hall has also hosted dances, parties, ceilidhs, tabletop sales, car boot sales, after-funeral gatherings and even local weddings and  christening celebrations!

We cater for anything! Please get in touch to discuss the availability of the Hall.

If you would like any more information about any of these groups or would like to start one up of your own – please do get in touch (see ‘Contact Us’ page)